Welcome to Guadalajara

As Mexico’s second-largest city, Guadalajara delivers a more cultural and traditional alternative to your medical trip. And many of the images recognized as Mexican have their roots here – mariachi music, wide-brimmed sombreros, the Mexican hat dance and of course tequila – Guadalajara is one of the most vanguards of Mexico. An embarrassment of museums and theaters drive the cultural life forward, fusion chefs have sharpened the edges of an already legendary culinary scene.



Guadalajara can’t match the architectural homogeneity of smaller colonial cities, though its historic core, anchored by the wonderful cathedral and Instituto Cultural de Cabañas, is spectacular. The hipster Chapultepec neighborhood is sprinkled with fashionable restaurants, coffeehouses, and nightclubs. The suburbs of Tlaquepaque and Tonalá are folk-art shoppers’ dream destinations, while Zapopan has some interesting colonial architecture.

Welcome To Guadalajara
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